Before you automate your performance testing…

This year I've been working in a large program of work. My role is to oversee the performance testing and engineering of nine delivery streams, each with their own technology, ways of working, and team culture. For the first time, I'm not doing hands on delivery myself (well, not much). The accountability for performance testing... Continue Reading →

What I will miss about Visual Studio Load Test

With Microsoft's announcement that they will be discontinuing Visual Studio's load test features after Visual Studio 2019, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge what I am going to miss about the toolset. I suspect many of you never used it, which is a shame because it had some of the best features out of any... Continue Reading →

Types of Performance Data

There's more to performance than response time. In this blog we are going to look at the kinds of data we can look at to understand system performance, and where we can find it. What performance data is there? There's lots of different measurements that can tell us about software performance. The below diagram summarises... Continue Reading →

Watching from the Outside

I've always worked as an external consultant who comes in to another organisation to deliver performance testing and analysis or provide advice. I've often wondered if I'm limited in the value I can provide because I'm an outsider. Recently I had an interesting conversation with someone in the opposite position. He works internally with an... Continue Reading →

Save the (Performance Test) Environment!

Performance testing is more important than ever. As we increasingly expose our IT systems to our customers we intertwine the performance of those systems with our brand reputation, our customer experience, and ultimately our revenue. Good performance testing is only part of the equation. Where we run our tests dictates whether our results provide any... Continue Reading →

Enabling a Performance Testing Team

In my previous post on building an internal performance testing team we talked about how to find the right people to build a great performance testing capability. In this second instalment we cover some of the ways you can get the best out of that team. The value of knowledge Every time we work on an... Continue Reading →

Building an Internal Performance Testing Team

So your company has or wants to build a performance testing team. In this first of a two part series I'll talk about finding the right people to allow your team to succeed. Specialists versus generalists Performance testing is a highly specialised field. It takes years of dedicated practice to gain the confidence and competence to... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Averages

Perhaps the most important part of our job is making sense of data, primarily numbers. Typically, we look at numbers provided by load testing tools, server and application monitors, log files, or database queries. The goal is always to understand the behaviour of our system, but sometimes the tools we use provide us misleading information. Raw... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Performance Tester

In this short blog I explore some of the skills required to be a great performance tester, and some considerations when looking for a job. This is the second part in my two part series covering the content of my talk on "Unmasking Performance Testing" at WeTest Auckland. You can find the first part here.... Continue Reading →

Unmasking Performance Testing

My goal in this blog post is to de-mystify what performance testing is and why it matters. I'm going to keep this informal, this is a high level introduction only. For those of you who work as performance testers (or know a lot about it) you've probably heard this all before. What is performance? Performance... Continue Reading →

The Myth of Continuous Performance Testing

Software development is speeding up. We build it in smaller chunks and release more often. In the software testing space this necessitates the need for testing to keep up, which has largely driven the growth of functional test automation. But, what about performance testing? Wherever I look online I see mention of 'continuous performance testing'.... Continue Reading →

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