WOPR25: Tools for Performance Testing in 2017 and Beyond

From February 15th to 17th I had the honour of being invited to attend the Workshop on Performance and Reliability (WOPR) held this year in Wellington. Twenty three performance and capacity experts from Australia, New Zealand, and North America congregated for a three-day closed door workshop. The theme this year was 'Performance Tools for 2017... Continue Reading →


Performance, Risk, and Adele

This was originally posted on LinkedIn on November 24th 2016 My wife forwarded me a news story yesterday about a possible performance testing lead. Adele is coming to New Zealand to perform three concerts, and the tickets sold out in less than two hours. The huge burst of interest brought Ticketmaster's website to a crawl... Continue Reading →

Performance Testing in New Zealand

This was originally posted on LinkedIn on July 6th 2016. I've worked in the performance testing and analysis space my entire career, and most of that time in New Zealand. New Zealand is a unique and exciting place to work in the field of performance due to the size and nature of our economy. New... Continue Reading →

Questions about Agile Performance Testing

This was originally posted on LinkedIn on March 13th 2016. I'm about to embark on a journey to start incorporating performance testing into an agile life-cycle. I haven't yet heard of any process or tools which truly "nail" this, so I'm going into it with an open mind. I'm not an expert in agile, so that's... Continue Reading →

The changing face of performance testing

Originally posted on LinkedIn on February 1st 2016. Software systems are changing, and so is the way we build them. I've been noticing significant changes in recent months which are going to change the way we think about performance testing. What's changing? Continuous delivery and agile practices have been around for a while but it's only... Continue Reading →

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